Notice to services that use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is unreliable for information regarding the Bitcoin Cash network

Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin Cash, there is no official website for the network as a whole. Unfortunately, the most popular informational website,, has been publishing information that does not reflect the current reality of the Bitcoin Cash network and the November 15th 2020 scheduled upgrade.

Bitcoin ABC, which owns, wants to implement an 8% miner tax. This proposal has been rejected by the vast majority of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, and Bitcoin ABC will likely fork to a minority chain as a new coin. This reality has already been recognized in statements from BitGo (detail), Coinbase, Kraken (detail) and others.

Recommended actions

Please replace any references to with an alternative, such as

In order to stay on the Bitcoin Cash network, services need to replace any Bitcoin ABC nodes with an alternative. Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) is a drop-in replacement for Bitcoin ABC and is strongly recommended for miners and pools. There are five other BCH nodes that have various benefits: BCHD, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Verde, Flowee and Knuth.

Also, please make sure any nodes are up to date so that they are compatible with the November 15th 2020 upgrade. This upgrade will make Bitcoin Cash block times more reliable.